Bi2 4 tubes

The fan radiator with the radiating plate designed for systems with multiple climate zones.


The radiant panel acts as a radiator at low temperature, while the special tangential fan ensures a rapid environment heating and a homogenous temperature. Bi2 is available in the 4 pipes version ensuring cooling and heating contemporary.



Bi2 is a terminal cycle plant annual HEATS for ventilation and radiation, COOLS, DEHUMIDIFIES and FILTERS.
The patented technology combines RADIANT+ combines radiation at low temperature of the radiant panel with self modulating ventilation, ensuring air diffusion and an extremely uniform temperature.
In this way it is able to bring the environments to the desired set point quickly and once reached the set point, thanks to the automatic algorithms on board, it maintains the comfort with the radiation, as a normal radiator. Assuring then:

>> Silence

>> Energy saving

Compared to other radiant systems not hydronic, the RADIANT+ technology has higher efficiency thanks to:

>> Average surface temperature higher, and therefore a higher radiated power

>> More uniformity in surface warming

>> Amplification of the natural convection

>> Reduction of the water content and consequently a greater speed of system setting



Available in two versions: SLR with radiant panel and SL without radiant panel SLI recessed
Available in versions: 2 pipes - 4 pipes
Compact: thickness of only 12.9 cm
Range consists of 5 models of power
Versatile installation: wall, floor or ceiling (SL and SLI)
Easy maintenance: the easy removability of air filters and front access to the fan simplify cleaning


Radiant heating + forced convection
Radiant heating + natural convection
Cooling with forced convection
Air Filtration