Fan coils and Fan radiators

Olimpia Splendid’s range of fan coils and fan radiators covers the whole spectrum of system solutions and consists of two different platforms: Bi2 and Bi2+. All of the models feature water-filled terminals and provide year-round air conditioning. Heating, air conditioning and integrated dehumidification are provided with maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption.
The special FAN RADIATOR®  patent applied in the SLR and SLR+ models has made it possible, for the first time, to combine in a single machine the static radiation of a radiant element with the ventilation of a fan coil!

The Bi2 systems of fan radiators / fan coils include the following models:

  • SL, traditional fan coils, but with an extremely slim profile: only 12.9 cm deep compared to 30 cm of traditional fan coils. SL models are fitted on steel and aluminium platforms to ensure solidity and lightness. They can be installed in three different ways: wall mounted or floor standing, with feet or recessed, according to design requirements.  Completely produced in Italy, they are available in “bare” versions or complete with the accessories needed for the system. The special tangential fan ensures minimum noise level and maximum comfort thanks to improved temperature uniformity in the room.
  • SLI, traditional recessed fan coils. Using the SL platform it was possible to offer a flush-mounted fan coil with depth under 12 cm. The Olimpia Splendid catalogue includes all the kits needed to complete the installation: steel casing, cover panel and air circulation grilles. Recessed installation can be either on wall or ceiling. Our SLI units are fully integrated into the building’s architecture and eliminate the space requirements of traditional machines. In many cases SLI units are chosen for maximum reduction of false ceiling depth, in order to have more height for special projects
  • SLR, fan radiator with radiant panel. Patented high technology system combining the ventilation of traditional fan coils with the radiated heat of radiators.  The objective of the patent was to improve the level of comfort and reduce the noise level of traditional fan coils. SLR adjusts the speed of ventilation according to temperature setting and ambient temperature. The special tangential fan is always maintained at the minimum speed necessary. Once the comfort temperature has been reached, ventilation is switched off and the set temperature is maintained by the front radiant panel. This way the fast set-point response of ventilation is combined with the static, quiet comfort of radiation. Thanks to this intelligent SLR control, absorption is always reduced to the minimum.

The Bi2+ systems of fan radiators / fan coils include the following models:

  • SL+, DC inverter fan coil with super slim profile; only 12.9 cm compared to 30 cm of traditional fan coils. Designed as a technological evolution of the SL model, it complements the plusses of that model with a DC inverter motor driving a tangential fan. Ventilation has never been this quiet. Highest comfort ever, total energy saving.
  •  SLR+, inverter controlled fan radiator with radiant panel. The new Olimpia Splendid patent improves the SLR fan radiator making it even more efficient. It offers a new radiation system that is even more effective than the radiant panel system. Modelled on the idea of the radiant floor system, it uses a highly-efficient thermal panel mounted on the front shell of the machine and h