FAQ - Unico Pro

Bulky outdoor units are obtrusive, noisy and unsightly. These negative characteristics become even worse when the unit needs to be installed on a balcony or terrace. The absence of an outdoor unit is one of the extraordinary qualities that Unico can boast; a feature that benefits buildings, townhouses, heritage listed properties and dwellings where body corporate restrictions prohibit the use of outdoor compressor units.

Unico Pro is a wall-mounted air conditioner with no external unit. There is nothing that compares to it currently in the Australian market.

By eliminating the need for a bulky outdoor motor, Unico Pro dramatically improves the look of external walls and generates far less noise.

Unico Pro has been designed and made in Italy with typical European style.
Installation is faster, cheaper and easier. Unico Pro is conveniently installed from the inside, including the positioning of its external vents.

The clever design of Unico Pro extends to servicing. Simply lift the unit off its hooks for transportation to the nearest agent.

We believe Unico Pro represents outstanding value for money based on its extensive list of features and benefits.

One of the advantages of the Unico Pro is that it doesn’t require an outdoor unit.

This saves a lot of time in installation. However, since every installation is different, it is important to use a licensed, registered heating and cooling contractor and in some instances the installation may require an installer to have the ability to cut through masonry.

A key benefit of the Unico Pro is it will work on an existing 10-amp power point, as it has an Inverter compressor, which is very energy efficient.

All the necessary accessories required to install the Unico Pro (i.e. vents, collars, drainage hose, cutting templates and wall brackets) are included in the box. There is no additional expense.

General internal cleaning of the Unico Pro will keep the unit working at its best capacity and must be carried out by a licensed, registered professional. Generally speaking, service every two years is ideal and can help to reduce unnecessary service calls.